1143 Confederation Street

Sarnia, Ontario


Ages *6 to 12


Our SupaNinja Kids program is fun but tough.  True athleticism is a blend of ability, work ethic, attitude and discipline and we expect our Ninjas to put forth their best effort in ALL aspects.


Our Kids Ninja classes are based on the RealLife Ninja Curriculum developed by none other than the American Ninja Warrior Champion, Drew Dreschel himself.


.*Children ages 5 and younger need to be recommended to enter the Kids' program by a Coach*


With our Kids' Ninja program, we have Boys Only, Girls Only and Mixed classes.  In addition to this, we divide the kids based on their age as shown below:


Ninja 1:   6 - 7 years of age

Ninja 2:   8 -  9 years of age

Ninja 3:   10  - 12 years of age


Several of our Ninja already have taken part in National Ninja League (NNL) competition, and our goal is to host our first NNL events beginning this Summer during the NNL Rec League season.



The SupaNinja Lair - Main Gym

1143 Confederation Street

Sarnia, Ontario


The SupaNinja Lair - Mini Ninja

824 Phillip Street East

Sarnia, Ontario


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