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Parent / Guardian Introduction to SupaNinja & NinjaZone
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SupaNinja & NinjaZone FAQ
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Ninjazone CLASSES

Ages *6 to 13


The SupaNinja & NinjaZone program is tough.  True athleticism is a blend of ability, work ethic, attitude and discipline and we expect our Ninjas to put forth their best effort in ALL aspects.


NinjaZone classes consist of a warmup, followed by speed, agility and balance work, a parkour or gymnastic skill, strength work, and finally 'Ninja Warrior' obstacle skill development.


.*Children ages 5 and younger need to be recommended to enter the NinjaZone program by a Coach*

Beginner Level - White

 White 1:   6 - 7 years of age

 White 2:   8 -  9 years of age

 White 3:   10  - 12 years of age


White is the introductory level into the core NinjaZone program.  Students will learn rolls, jumps, vaults, calisthenics and obstacle mastery techniques.  Strength, speed, agility and balance work will all be incorporated helping Ninjas both improve their skill and more importantly their spirit.   


Participants may choose to simply come out to have fun and get some exercise in a fun social environment or, for those looking for something more, choose to test and attempt to move into higher levels of the NinjaZone program.  There will also be opportunities to enroll and compete at the club level in Ninja competition or attend National Ninja League (NNL) events.



Intermediate Level - Yellow

The second level in NinjaZone also works the same types of skills. Ninjas will start to learn more advanced skills such as flipping fundamentals, as well as continue trying more difficult vaults, calisthenics, and obstacle mastery techniques. Strength, speed, agility and balance work will all be incorporated. In Yellow, our expectations of the Ninja are heightened. The students have now been in the program long enough to know the rules without needing to be told. They are expected to fall to Ninja stance and listen to the coaches. with minimal queues.




Advanced Levels - Green, Blue & Purple

These are the advanced levels of the NinjaZone Program.  Ninjas are expected to be competent in ALL White & Yellow skills.  In these levels we move into advanced vaults, flipping and tricking.  Speed, strength, agility and balance work continue to be a staple of the program and more difficult 'Ninja Warrior' type obstacles are introduced.

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